The ALCAT Test is NOT an "allergy" or IgE test. The ALCAT is the most effective and
    comprehensive sensitivity/intolerance test available. The ALCAT differs from other food allergy or
    intolerance tests as it accurately and objectively measures leukocyte cellular reactivity in whole
    blood, which is a final common pathway of all mechanisms. The test utilizes electronic, state of the
    art, hematological instrumentation. Standard allergy tests, such as skin testing or RAST are not
    accurate for delayed type reactions to foods and chemicals. They measure only a single mechanism,
    such as the effect of mast cell release of histamine or the presence of allergen specific IgE
    molecules. Delayed reactions to foods and chemicals are NOT IgE mediated.

The ALCAT Test also differs from standard IgG tests in that they rely exclusively on one immune pathway, serum levels of
immunoglobulin G (IgG). In fact, high food specific IgG titers are indicative only of exposure, not necessarily intolerance. The ALCAT
Test reproducibly measures the final common pathway of all pathogenic mechanism; whether immune, non-immune, or toxic. It is the
only test shown to correlate with clinical symptoms by double blind oral challenges, the gold standard. SEE TESTIMONIALS:   http:

For over 24 years, the ALCAT Test has provided both patients and healthcare professionals with a tool to successfully overcome a
wide variety of conditions, such as digestive disorders, migraines, obesity, chronic fatigue, skin disorders and arthritis, which result
from food and chemical sensitivities.

Platinum Comprehensive:  $1,009
Comprehensive Wellness 1:  $849
Comprehensive Wellness 2:  $749
Comprehensive Wellness 3:  $669
Comprehensive Wellness 4:  $569
Comprehensive Wellness 5:  $529
Comprehensive Wellness 6:  $429
Herbal Wellness 1:  $869
Herbal Wellness 2:  $729
Pediatric Wellness:  $279
50 Food Panel:  $249
100 Food Panel:  $349
150 Food Panel:  $479
200 Food Panel:  $599
50 Functional Food & Medicinal Herbs:  $249
Female Herbs:  $249
Male Herbs:  $199
Food Additives/10 Food Colorings:  $229
Molds:  $229
Environmental Chemicals:  $129

Is It An Allergy, Sensitivity or Intolerance? There is a big difference between an allergy and a sensitivity, or being intolerant to
something. Symptoms associated with sensitivities, intolerances and allergies can impact your health and quality of life. The right lab
test can get you the answers you need, and tell you what to avoid. But do you know which lab test to order? Do you have a gluten
allergy, or a gluten intolerance? Do you know if you have a food allergy, or are you sensitive to certain foods, spices, additives, or
colorings? Getting tested is easy, but it is important to make sure you get the right lab test for your needs and symptoms

New at Any Lab Test Now!
Gluten-free Testing Now Available - Gluten IgE Test $79
This test is used to determine if a person has an allergic reaction to gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. It is estimated
about 3% of the population suffer from a Gluten Allergy. An IgE test looks for antibodies which develop in a person who has a
particular allergy. Gluten Allergy can display symptoms similar to other conditions such as Celiac Disease. Unlike allergies, Celiac
Disease can do permanent harm to your body if left untreated.
Any Lab Test...Any Time, Just Walk In!
Fast Results, Most in 24Hrs - Confidential & Anonymous - No Insurance Needed - No Appointment Needed - We Provide Doctor's Order
                                                                 Spectrum  Ig-E Allergy Tests at ANY LAB TEST NOW:

Regional Environmental Panel I         
Basic Food Panel II         
Basic Combination Panel  (I & II)         
Expanded Food Panel (III)         
Comprehensive Combo Panel (I & III)         
Pediatric Panel / Adult Basic/Starter Panel         
Mold Panel         

COMING SOON! (IgG and IgG/IgE) Allergy Tests:

Stand-alone Expanded Food Panel IgG

Comprehensive Combo :

Environmental 45 Allergens IgE

Expanded Foods 90 Allergens IgG

Super Combo (New Panel):

Environmental 45 Allergens IgE

Expanded Foods 90 Allergen IgE

Expanded Foods 90 Allergen IgG

Allergies are the result of the body’s increased exposure and reaction to common substances in the environment or something
consumed. These substances are called allergens. Allergies are reactions when allergens enter the body through the skin, by
inhalation or by ingestion. Windblown pollen from grasses, trees, weeds, animal hair, house dust; foods; and many other substances
are all examples of allergens.

When an allergic person is exposed to an allergen, the immune system produces antibodies. It is the result of this production that
causes allergic symptoms:  sneezing, runny nose, headaches, respiratory distress, nausea, hive and others.
See ALCAT Panel descriptions Here.
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